Download YouTube Kids APK [v1.05.5]

It was rumored last week that Google will be releasing a new YouTube App for the kids in the house on Feb. 23. And it seems, the report was all true. Google has indeed launched a new app by the name YouTube Kids on the Play Store, and is available for download for folks residing in USA.

The app doesn’t require much of an introduction, but if you’re still curious — YouTube Kids app is tailored to let your kids only see the things that aren’t naughty or violent. The app filters out every adult thing on YouTube and serves only the fun and learning content that we all love YouTube for.

However, YouTube Kids is only available in the United States at this time via the Play Store. The service is new, so it’s understandable that Google will only gradually roll out the app to other countries. But, thanks to the freedom of installation of apps from third party sources on Android, you can install the YouTube Kids APK on your phone/tablet and use it right-away, no need for Google to release it to Play Store.

Download the YouTube Kids APK from the download link below, and install it like you’d install any other APK file on your Android device.

 icon-download Download YouTube Kids APK (v1.05.5)

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