Download Trakax: The Best Video Editing App for Android

Sometimes you want to surprise your love who is right beside you with the lovely memories you both had together or Sometimes you want to gift your daughter with all her childhood memories. The unavailability of PC may doom your idea but don’t compromise these ideas even when you have no PC available with you. Now edit videos and make picture slide shows on the go with the beautiful Trakax app.

Trakax is a radical approach to creating videos on the go. With this free app, you can create videos with all the controls you’ll need – volumes, tempos, transitions – available at your fingertips. Free from the constraints of complex timelines and automatic video creation, the multi-channel mixer allows you to jump between your videos, photos and music to create a movie that is vibrant and fun, both to create and to watch.

[quote]Trakax is the best video editing app for Android so far on the Play store[/quote]

The Trakax app is the best video editing app so far on the Playstore. With all the controls in your hand you can master your ideas on the go. This app allows you to Create Movies, Ringtones & Photo Slideshows in Real-time. You can add multiple photos to a single channel to build a photo slideshow and add photo transitions as well. Trakax give you control over individual video tempos and volumes on each channel Slow Motion / Fast Forward Effect. Trakax lays a beautiful UI that is easy to use with the option to drag and drop media on to channels.

Your work can be exported to 360p, 480p videos or to ringtones. You can also share your exported video on YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, etc… Trakax is designed for all types of Android users. Some people want to create great videos, quickly and easily. Other users want to get more involved – that’s why the app includes a comprehensive range of editing features for those who like to spend a bit more time on their creations. All the editing features are optional – so it’s up to you how far you to take it.

See the app in action


The app is available in both free and paid versions. The paid version bags a few more features like editing & Trimming your videos, Adding Text / Captions / Drawings to Videos & Photos, Adding Start & End Credits, Themes & Borders to your Video mix, Adding Ken Burns photo effects and exporting your work to 1080p Full HD resolution. The paid version costs $ 3.45 (₹ 213) and is available on Playstore as Trakax+

So without any further ado, head on to the Play store links provided below to download the app and unleash your creativity.
The Good
  • Easy to use interface: Drag and drop
  • Real time audio and tempo controls
  • Encoding to various formats
The Bad
  • Nothing in this column

Get it on the play store using the link below.

  Download Trakax   Download Trakax+ (Paid)