Touch (CWM) ClockworkMod Recovery 6.0 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, With Extra Options Added

The latest version of ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery – version 6.0 which brings new features such as faster backups and restores as well as smaller incremental backups – has been ported over to the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 T989. For those who don’t know, CWM recovery lets you install custom ROMs, make backups of the current ROM, factory reset the device and more.

XDA Senior Member sk8erwitskil has ported the touch version of CWM recovery 6.0 and has added an extras menu as well with some additional options in it, as quoted below:

  • disable (when you install some aosp roms it has a file in /system/etc/ called and it overwrites your current recovery. This option will take away the executable permissions from that file so it cannot run and therefore saving your current recovery)
  • enable one confirm (this makes it so you only have to scroll through one confirm selection when installing something instead of having to go through 10 of them to click yes)
  • disable one confirm (self explanatory)
  • hide backup & restore progress (this makes it so the progress bar when you backup/restore doesnt show up and makes backups/restores a bit faster since it doesnt have to show you the progress and files its backing up)
  • show backup & restore progress (self explanatory)
  • – recovery info (shows the version of recovery and the build date)

So let’s take a look at how ClockworkMod Touch recovery 6.0 can be installed on the T-Mobile Galaxy S2.


This ROM and the guide below are compatible only and only with the T-Mobile Galaxy S2, model number SGH-T989. It’s not compatible with any other device. Check your device’s model number in Settings» About phone.


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to your device, we won’t be held liable.

How to Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery 6.0 on T-Mobile Galaxy S2

  1. Make sure you have a previous version of ClockworkMod recovery installed on your phone. If not, use this guide to install it.
  2. Download CWM recovery 6.0 from the development page.
  3. Copy the downloaded zip file to the internal SD card on your phone.
  4. Turn off the phone, then boot into ClockworkMod recovery. For this, press and hold these 3 buttons together until the screen turns on: Volume UP + Volume Down + Power. Phone will boot into CWM recovery.
  5. Select install zip from sdcard, then select choose zip from sdcard. Scroll to the CWM file on the SD card (copied in step 3) and select it. Confirm installation by selecting Yes on the next screen to start installing ClockworkMod Touch Recovery 6.0.
  6. After installation is complete, select go back then select reboot system now to reboot the phone.

ClockworkMod Touch recovery 6.0 is installed on your T-Mobile Galaxy S2, which you can boot into the same way you booted into recovery in step 4, and flash custom ROMs that you like or make backups.