Download the new Google Photos APK, comes with refreshed UI and unlimited full resolution photo backups

Alongside the Android M announcement, Google also released a big update to the Photos app, which is now parting ways with the Google+ app and is launching as an standalone on the Play Store.

The new Photos app is a complete overhaul over the previous one and is exciting enough for anyone to use it instead of the default Gallery app for all the cool features it offers. Also, Google is bringing unlimited photo storage at full resolution (upto 16MP) with the new updated Photos app.

The first release of the Photos app on the Play Store comes with version and should already be available as an update on the Play store. However, in case you haven’t gotten the update yet or you don’t have access to Play Store, then just grab the Photos APK file from the download link below and install it like you’d install any other APK file.

 icon-download Download Photos APK