[Latest] Download Magisk zip and Magisk Manager APK

Magisk systemless interface has been gaining popularity lately for its unmatched capability of disabling root on-the-fly when needed. Google is actively working to block rooted Android users from using certain apps for security reasons, but some of us like to live life dangerously and thus don’t want Google to get in between.

With Magisk you can disable root when needed, on-the-fly, without needing to reboot the device. This helps in passing the SafetyNet checks that developers put on their apps to block rooted Android users.

Installing Magisk is simple too, you just gotta flash the Magisk installer zip from TWRP recovery and then install Magisk Manager apk file manually after rebooting the device.

Grab both Magisk zip and Magisk Manahger APK from the download links below. We’ll also try to keep a version history of all Magisk files, so you can revert back to previous versions (if needed).

Download Magisk zip:

Download Magisk Manager apk:

Helpful Magisk guides:

Happy Androiding! 

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