Download LG G4 Wallpapers

The LG G4 is making headlines for its badass camera and the new leather back which LG says goes through a process with great details. But that’s not all, like every other new flagship device, LG G4 also comes packed in with new stuff like ringtones, refreshed app UI and of course new set of wallpapers.

All this inside stuff comes from the system dump of the LG G4 while the device is yet to hit the markets, and is only available to select lucky hands in the world at this time. We already posted the LG G4 Ringtones and some LG G4 Apps getting ported over to LG G3. And now, finally, the wallpapers are also available for your downloading pleasure.

Interestingly, the wallpapers on LG G4 are very much material design inspired. So it’s treat for folks who are always on the lookout for material inspired stuff.

  Download LG G4 Wallpapers (10 images)


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