Does iOS 17 Support Split Screen? [2023]

What to know

  • No. iOS 17 doesn’t support Split Screen.
  • Mac and iPad users have had Split View. But a similar functionality hasn’t been extended to iPhone users. 

iOS 17’s list of features is phenomenal. From AirDrop to ‘Check In’ and every little QoL feature in between, there’s much to make Android users very envious of. But does it have Split Screen? With many rumors and speculations around, the truth is finally revealed with the release of iOS 17. So let’s investigate. 

Does iOS 17 support Split Screen?

Even though Split Screen has been one of the most requested features for iPhones, unfortunately, it is still not a reality on iOS 17

On the other hand, Android users have had Split Screen for many years. Mac and iPad users have Split View, where two apps appear side by side to achieve a similar multi-tasking function to Split Screen. But nothing like this is possible on iOS 17. 

It’s unclear why Apple hasn’t added support for Split View or a full-screen feature that the large 6 to 6.7-inch screens of iPhone could benefit from. 

Why doesn’t iOS support Split Screen?

Although Apple hasn’t explained why it hasn’t extended Split Screen support to iPhone users with iOS 17, it may be a broader issue with apps not scaling well to different sizes and configurations. Whatever the case may be, Apple doesn’t want to gamble with it just yet.