Disable fullscreen keyboard in landscape mode with this Xposed Module

So you are typing some text on your device and decide to use the landscape keyboard instead. But as soon as you flip your device to type with both hands, the textbox blocks your view by going fullscreen. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Well if this bugs you more times than you could possibly afford, then this module was made just to ease your pain!

What this module does is that the text-box behaviour remains similar to the way it is when the keyboard is called when in portrait mode. Although the Android OS normally puts the keyboard in fullscreen so that more of the text is visible when you write; we can’t disagree from the fact that it serves almost no other genuine purpose. Also, the fullscreen layout takes away from the interactive aspect and we ourselves go back to portrait while browsing or doing something which requires ongoing interaction along with typing.

The module disables fullscreen for the AOSP keyboard as well as most other popular third party alternatives like Swiftkey and Swype. Well, we know you’d prefer to have a glance over your chat texts while you type next time! So just head over to the link below and download this Xposed module. And don’t forget to activate the module and reboot your device!

Download Disable Fullscreen Keyboard Xposed module