Cyanogen to incorporate Truecaller into future Operating Systems

Cyanogen is one of those organizations that are constantly working, making new platforms for smartphone manufacturers, improving the existing ones, cooking up partnerships and so on. That’s probably why so many OEMs — including Microsoft — now choose to rely on Cyanogen as the top OS provider to some or all of their devices.

Recently, Cyanogen has announced a partnership with Truecaller that will see the integration of Truecaller’s caller identification services into the future versions of Cyanogen Operating systems. Also, consumers with devices such as Yu Yureka and OnePlus One will also be eligible for receiving an OTA update that will integrate the service into their smartphones.

Along with caller identification, the update will also bring along other advanced features such as Spam Blocking.


According to Cyanogen as stated on its official blog “Cyanogen is all about giving users control and putting the “personal” back into mobile computing. As with any app we make available through our operating system, you have the choice to use or uninstall an app based on your individual preferences, On a regular basis, we all experience the annoyance of unwanted calls, incoming numbers we don’t recognize, and overzealous telemarketers who can’t seem to take no for an answer. Thanks to our awesome global partnership with Truecaller, you’ll be able to screen calls via caller ID and block unwanted spam directly from the native dialer on Cyanogen OS.”

Which in simpler words means that the Truecaller feature is completely optional and although it will be integrated into your device after the OTA update or once you buy a new device that runs Cyanogen out of the box, you will have the option to uninstall/disable it if you feel like it.

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Source: NDTV

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