Cyanogen showcases two apps from its upcoming OS 12

So the Cyanogen 12 is set for release to the general public any day now and in keeping with the tradition of releasing snippets of information to keep up the media hype, Cyanogen has announced two brand new features that will be gracing its Lollipop based operating system.

While Cyanogen is widely recognized as one of the most customizable operating systems around, part of the credit goes to the availability of a whole array of theming options on the system. So, it doesn’t really come as a great surprise that both of the features announced deal mainly with the same. Lets have a look.

We have all had applications that did not look good in the default skin they came with and that made us wish time and time again for something that could possibly change their look. The Individual app themer promises to do just that. While similar to the theme changer for your device, it is a bit more minuscule in its range of operation and allows you to change the look and feel of individual applications.


Even though limited by the number of themes that come pre-installed with it — no manual installation of new themes — its still a long jump over the same old applications especially when you stop to consider the fact that you can use a different theme for different applications. Customization indeed!

Next up are the Paid themes. The fact that themes and modules form such an important part of Cyanogen’s overall scheme of things has led to a whole bunch of people working to create newer and better themes. Sadly, their work mostly has been un-thanked and unpaid unless they teamed up with a developer and offered their themes as part of his/her customization app. However, after repeated requests for the same, Cyanogen 12 will feature the paid theme app allowing users to purchase high-quality themes similar to how application can be bought via the Play Store.

The update is expected to reach the One plus One before the 30th of march followed by the Yu Yureka and Alcatel Hero via an Over the Air Update.

Keep that Wi-Fi running folks.

Source: Cyanogen

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