Cyanogen Separates from OnePlus to Partner with Popular Chinese Vendors


Ever since the OnePlus released the OnePlus One smartphone in the India market, there has been a rough relationship between the manufacturer and Cyanogen. Now, the firms have decided to part ways and Cyanogen’s Founder CTO Steve Kondik and CEO Kirt McMaster have revealed the same at an event.

At the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing, the firm’s executive claimed that the US based Cyanogen is looking to work with new Chinese hardware makers to utilize its customized Android OS build – Cyanogen OS as it can reach more consumers adding to its 50 million existing user base.

As per McMaster, it is a great way for Cyanogen to build their identity outside China by using a brand that is well known. While the vendor that the software firm will partner with is not known, Cyanogen is claimed to be targeting the international market rather than being restricted to China. The executive further added that OnePlus did ship a reasonable volume of devices, but it cannot be compared to what the other partners can ship. He added that the firm is working to tie up with vendors who can scale faster.


He added that there are several vendors who are bigger than OnePlus and struggling in the global market needing help. Though it is confirmed that Cyanogen will be working with new partners, it has not been confirmed if the firm will continue to provide support for OnePlus devices that run on its custom OS build.

Regarding this, Kondik claimed that both Cyanogen and OnePlus have different goals on the software front and this is the prime cause of the breakup.

Source: PCWorld

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