Consumers to continue receiving Cyanogen updates in spite of OnePlus – Cyanogen split

OnePlus entered the Indian market last year in official partnership with Cyanogen, much to the Chagrin of Micromax who claimed exclusive rights over the OS provider and filed a compliant against the Chinese manufacturer leading to a ban — which was lifted after a few weeks   — and forcing OnePlus to come out with its own Oxygen OS.

Not long after that, OnePlus and Cyanogen — probably tired of all the legal tussle — decided to part ways and end their partnership of over a year sparking uncertainty in the OnePlus users running the Cyanogen Mod over future updates and improvements.

However, a recent announcement by OnePlus India manager Vikas Agarwal sought to put these fears to rest as he said that “OnePlus remains vindicated of the recent trials and tribulations that has surrounded the company due to legal tussle with Micromax over exclusivity on CyanogenOS. We are happy to confirm that all ‘OnePlus One’ users in India will continue to receive OTA updates from Cyanogen in-line with our users in markets around of the world.”

The message is clear, although OnePlus and Cyanogen have parted ways and the next “OnePlus 2” is almost certain to arrive running the Oxygen OS out of the box, consumers wishing to stay on Cyanogen can not only do so, but will also receive their regular dose of updates along with their brethren in other parts of the world. It’s certainly good news, since it leaves the user free to either switch over to the Oxygen OS or to stay on the Cyanogen Mod with periodic OTA updates.

Source: GsmArena