Cellflare: A Fun and Utility GPS Android App that Sends You Coupons and Vouchers

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Want to make more out of GPS of your android phone or bored of traditional uses of GPS like tracking down who’s where and speed and all that? Try CellFlare android app, which if fun and utility app to interact with a location and play games with friends nearby.

Users of iPhone, blackberry OS and Palm OS have already had great time and it’s time for Androiders to grab their share of fun. The version 3.0.2 of CellFlare was launched recently on the Android Market a couple of days before and here is why you should definitely try it out.

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The App is available for FREE and uses GPS to update your position on map and helps you find interesting places and friends. We said it’s different. Here is why. It may surprise you by delivering a coupon straight to your smart phone for the nearby restaurant. Amazing! That’s e-couponing in CellFlare developer’s words. Moreover, it may also provide you with vouchers, menu or other relevant options based on your location and interesting places nearby.

You can locate your friends on the map –we know you have done that thousand times on tens of apps – but now you can play games with them, SMS or Email them your location (that’s too convenient) and that too without draining your battery too hard, as claimed by CellFlare guys, you know.

You can also set up a place to meet with your friends and track them down with their speed, current location, etc stuff that I need not explain, since you are kind of pro now in this. Yes, we are used to with this!

A summary of features would be like this:

  • Friends on the Map
  • Quick Locate PIN
  • GeoFencing
  • eCouponing
  • real-time history
  • speed functionality
  • lesser battery usage

Try the app and let us know what you think of it in the comments. And if you are supposed to be any where around the football stadiums meant for World Cup, CellFlare (being a GPS app) is your best companion to share fun.

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