Capture Photo of the Person Who Stole Your Phone or Used It in Your Absence with CrookCatcher!

CrookCatcher is a powerful app that promises to keep your Android device trackable if it is stolen! It can also be used to find out who used your phone when you are away.

Do you have a little brother or sister who sneaks around with your phone? Or, do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend who have doubts on you and tries to check your phone in your absence? CrookCatcher is the app for you! It can be also used to catch the thief if your phone is stolen. CrookCatcher takes photo of the one who uses your phone in your absence.

CrookCatcher makes it mandatory that Lockscreen Pattern security is set and activated in order to use the app. This app uses the front camera to take photo of the user who makes a number of failed attempts which is set by you. CrookCatcher also mails you the photo and the location automatically!


  • Take Photo of intruder with front camera
  • Number of failed attempts can be set by user
  • Receive the Photo and Location by email
  • Find Location of the device
  • Beautiful and Contemporary UI

crookcatcher screenshots

CrookCatcher comes with simple settings that can be set up in a minute. On the first run, the app greets you with message saying “Hey, welcome to CrookCatcher” along with an option to run the setup wizard, which instructs you to set things up for the app step by step.

Once you’re through the setup, the app starts its work in the background so that if someone tries to unlock your device but fails, the app takes a photo of the person using front camera and mails you that photo and the location where the photo was taken.

There quite many apps availablke on the Play store for anti-theft protection (like Lookout or Cerebus). But, what keeps CrookCatcher stands out is that this app is very easy to use and have less complex settings than those. Its true that other apps may have more features, many of them you want and some you don’t even use. But CrookCatcher does what it is meant to do, Cath the Crook who tries to use your phone. Give it a try! Download CrookCatcher from the link below.

The Good:
  • Find the location of the phone
  • Get a photo of the thief
  • Intuitive app design
  • Free
The Bad:
  • Not the best. The app could use more robust options for tracking down the phone or seize the phone from further use.

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