Camera Comparison: Featuring iPhone 6, Galaxy S6 Edge, HTC One M8 and Galaxy S5

The past couple of months have seen a whole bunch of smartphone bigwigs launch their devices — devices that they claim are some of the the best out there. Well, while it certainly is a tall claim to make, a look at what these devices are made of is enough to make one realize that they are in a position to make it. Yes indeed, we are talking about Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge. While each of these device is an experience unto itself and deciding one of them to be better than the other is extremely hard, we can however compare individual features.

All of these devices feature superb cameras, be it the iPhone’s  8 MP dual led or the S6 Edge’s extra large aperture one. So today we decided to pit these against each other in Samsung’s low-light box setup — A small composition with two holes just the right size for a smartphone camera to snap a picture from — and invited HTC’s One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 to join in on the fun.

And the results? Here you go.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 


Apple’s Iphone 6


HTC One M8


Samsung Galaxy S5


We certainly expected the S6 Edge to perform well in these low light conditions considering the very wide lens of the rear snapper — which helps in absorbing more light direct to the sensors — and we weren’t disappointed, but was it really the best? We leave it up to you to answer that question.

Source: PhoneArena