Are you a camera buff? Take a look at the Galaxy S6’s Pro mode

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 has been making waves ever since it was released a few days ago at the MWC in Barcelona. We expected great things from the newest member of Samsung’s S series, and we weren’t disappointed. The S6 boasts of a whole bunch of improvements over its predecessors in terms of design, tech etc. and now we have found yet another category in which the S6 turns out to be far superior than other members of Samsung’s smartphone family.

Samsung phones have almost without exception enjoyed great cameras not only due to the hardware they employ, but also because of the control offered to the user which enables them to control and edit almost every faucet of the pictures they click. For example the S5 offers you over 10 snapping modes and a whole myriad of filters.

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera settings

While this is all well and good, all these options do sometimes make life difficult when all you want to do is to take a single snap without having to wade through a whole bunch of settings.

Perhaps this is what Samsung’s design team had in mind when they sat down and designed the camera app for the Galaxy S6. Picture clicking with the S6 no longer feels like rocket science and is actually simple. However, that’s not to say that the South Korean company has taken away the user control that have always been one of the strong points of their camera app. The S6’s camera approach while decidedly simpler and intuitive, offers you an inbuilt “Pro Mode”.


While the Auto-mode has you clicking great pictures in no time at all, a single tap in the mode menu and you have gone Pro. The pro mode, which entitles you to adjust stuff like white balance, ISO, metering etc. still manages to keep it short and simple. As can be seen, long-pressing an area of the screen focuses on that point but you can also choose to focus on one area of the photo while you go and siphon the exposure off somewhere else thus making for great effects. Similarly, the manual hue adjustment means that you can do away with the various colors that sometimes automatically creep into the picture.

Take a look at the video below to get a taste of what we are talking about.


In the camera comparison test for example — where we squared of Galaxy S6 against the iPhone 6 — pictures taken via the S6 could be seen as possessing a yellow hue, however using the pro-mode you can remove that quite easily. Add to it the fact that the S6 still possesses most signature S5 camera traits such as Real-time filters, slow motion video, panorama etc. and the device leaves you practically itching to snap a few shots.

Have fun!!!

Source: Phandroid