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Whether you already have the OnePlus 3 — a great device really for its $399 price — or are planning to buy one, you should know about these accessories. We’ve included cool (Type C) USB-C Dash charger too, because this is special one OnePlus.

Other cool accessories included here are cases and covers for OnePlus 3, and also tampered glass, headphones, etc. And there are bundle packs (essentials and Go BIG) available too — yes, decent money savings! — if you are not looking for only one accessory.

We would say you definitely go for the Dash charger, USB-C cable (red one, yes!) and add a protective case to it. There isn’t a pack available of these three, but these three are highly recommended.

OnePlus 3 USB-C 3.1 Cable

type c cable OnePlus 3

If you love OnePlus 3’s cable and its color, don’t hesitate to buy another one should you need more than one cable. This red cable from OnePlus 2 is instantly like-able, and at this cost, it’s worth the small premium one has to pay compared to market cables.

Though, if you are low on budget and don’t think will be using the secondary cable a lot, looking at other option on eBay is a good thing to do too.

→ Buy original OnePlus 3 USB-C 3.1 Cable: from OnePlus ($9.99) | | | Oppomart

→ Buy micro USB 3.0 to USB-C 3.1 cable:

OnePlus 3 Dash Charger

OnePlus 3 type c charger

FYI, OnePlus 3 uses Dash Charging — a cool tech by OnePlus — whereby the device won’t be heating a lot like other devices when you put it to charge, even though you are racing an Audi in the Asphalt 8: Airborne Android game. Dash charging does the regulator work in charger instead of the device, thus while charging at ultra fast speed — over 60% in 30 mins — it helps device keep its head and body cool.

The drawback however is, that other quick chargers available in the market who obviously don’t have this tech, are thus not compatible with OnePlus 3’s quick charging, and will be able to charge only at normal speeds.

So, if you want really quick extra charger, go only for Dash Charger from OnePlus. Otherwise, pick normal charger from the market, it’s futile to buy a quick charger if it’s not Dash Charger. You can even use old USB charger, but make sure you have the normal to Type-C USB cable to use with the charger. Give the cable section a look below for such USB 3.1 cables.

Buy OnePlus 3 Charger:

OnePlus 3 OTG cable

Because OnePlus 3 supports OTG cable — thankfully OnePlus team got it covered as OnePlus 2 didn’t have it — it goes without saying that when buying OnePlus 3 accessories, you should get yourself one type C OTG cable/plug too. After all, connecting USB pen drive to your OnePlus 3 is possible only with OTG, as also connecting digital and DSLR cameras.

Buy OnePlus 3 OTG cable with USB 3.0 type for higher data transfer speeds: from OnePlus ($9.99, original cable) | | |

OnePlus 3 Type C converter

OnePlus 3 type c converter

If you insist on simply buying a converter adapter or plug that would let you use you current USB 2.0/3.0 cable (OTG and regular) on OnePlus 3’s Type C port, then all you need is a Type C converter. Here are some.

Buy OnePlus 3 Type C USB 3.0 converter: from | |

OnePlus 3 Car Charger

Here are some Type C car charger that would help you charge your OnePlus 3 while in the car. Look for Quick Charge ones if you want quick charging.

Buy OnePlus 3 car charger: from | |

OnePlus 3 Case

OnePlus 3 case

There is lot of variety to choose OnePlus 3 cases from. You got silicon cases, transparent ones, solid hard core ones, fall-proof ones, etc. While OnePlus team itself provides some of the coolest accessories, it never hurts to other cases available at 3rd-party online stores. We have searched the cases for you and provided a link below, so click that link and choose the case yourself.

BTW, do give OnePlus’s own cases a hard look — they are really cool, especially the Bamboo and Rosewood ones.

Buy OnePlus 3 case:

OnePlus 3 Flip Cover

OnePlus 3 flip cover

Buy OnePlus 3 case:

OnePlus 3 tampered glass protector

It’s good to secure protection for your OnePlus 3’s display, because, OnePlus isn’t getting you any display protection, which some other companies did with one or two of their flagship devices earlier. Using a tampered glass, the Full HD AMOLED display on OnePlus 3 gets well protected, and isn’t prone to falls, except really big ones.

Buy OnePlus 3 tampered glass protector:

That’s it about the best OnePlus 3 accessories. Mostly,

Do let us know which ones are your favorite accessories? And why? We’d love to hear your choice in the comments section below.

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