[Bummer!] HTC One M8 Sense 7 Update will come “later this year”

HTC just announced its latest flagship phone, One M9, at MWC. However, the launch didn’t go interesting since the device was completely leaked days before the official launch today. Still, things like Sense UI 7.0 had us interested, mostly because of that new theme engine which was capable of customizing the UI on M9 to any color choice, on-the-fly.

Unfortunately though, the Sense 7 update is exclusively available to One M9 only at this time. And the state of affairs is going to be same until the end of the year as it’s being reported that One M8 and other premium devices from HTC which are supposed to get the Sense 7 update will have it later this year.

However, as it’s always the case with exclusive new things, we wouldn’t doubt the capabilities of third-developers and our dear ROM makers from the XDA community to port Sense 7 to One M8, M7 and other capable HTC devices.

Source: PhoneArena
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