Price of Black Pearl Galaxy S7 Edge revealed

Samsung recently confirmed the ‘Black Pearl’ Galaxy S7 Edge, and now we know how much it’s going to cost to buy. As per the listing at Chinese e-retail site, the Black Pearl S7 Edge costs 6288 Yuan, or about $910 (Rs 61,500).

The Black Pearl edition of the S7 Edge is indeed the glossy black color we leaked out for you. Wew wouldn’t blame you if you thought Samsung got a love for Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but then again, the company as always been fond of naming its colors after stones, which I think began with the Galaxy S3, whose color choices were Pebble blue, Marble white, Amber brown, Garnet red, Sapphire black, etc. The main reason for Samsung to release this special black edition variant is to compete with the Jet Black variant of the iPhone 7.

This edition is slightly more glossier than the standard Onyx Black S7 Edge, but it also has a matte black frame. Samsung will sell the Black Pearl S7 Edge with 128GB storage option only, similar to how Apple sells the Jet Black iPhone 7 in 128GB only.

The special edition Black Pearl S7 Edge is now available for purchase in Korea and will soon be available in other regions. Other special color variants of the S7 Edge include Blue Coral and Pink Gold.


The Black Pearl Galaxy S7 Edge too ships with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, and should be receiving an Android 7.0 update in December/January, which would first appear on Galaxy S7 Edge and regular Galaxy S7 sets under testing right now.

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