Coral Blue 64GB Galaxy S7 Edge now official in Korea [Launch]

A new 64GB variant of the Galaxy S7 Edge in Coral Blue color has been officially announced by Samsung in Korea. The company is doing so to increase the return rate of the Galaxy Note 7. According to the source, local telecom representatives have already seen increased return rates after the new Coral Blue color was introduced earlier this month.

The Coral Blue Galaxy S7 Edge is also available in the United States, Canada and other regions. Now, a 64GB version of the device in the same color should urge more customers to return their Note 7. Samsung had to recall around 500,000 Note 7 devices in Korea, out of which, only half has been returned.

The Galaxy Note 7 was launched in a Coral Blue variant, originally, which could be a reason why a lot of customers are still sticking with their Note 7 sets even though it is fire-prone and has been officially recalled.

The S7 Edge is about nine months old now, but is doing very well. The company will also release a Glossy Black Galaxy S7 in coming weeks. In another few months, Samsung will be releasing what will be its biggest launch in a while, the Galaxy S8, which could have another variant in Galaxy S8 Plus, and both devices are expected to bear dual-curved display like the Note 7, and many other Chinese phones we’ve seen on Q4 itself this year.

Via: The Investor

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