Best Battery Cases for Galaxy S10 in 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is basically the middle ground between the Galaxy S10e and the pricier and larger S10 Plus. Before you buy Samsung Galaxy S10 and get your hands on the specially designed Charging Case. Its time to know a bit about it

Samsung launched its latest Galaxy smartphones and these battery cases and power accessories are just enough to keep your Galaxy alive & energetic with on-the-go charging capabilities.

The Galaxy S10 packs in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855/Exynos 9820 chipset and powering the show is a 3400mAh battery. The device can possible last one day depending on the usage but you may end up charging the phone at night.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 supports fast wireless charging as well as 15W wired charging; however, if you’re often on the move, then we’d suggest picking up a great battery case for the Galaxy S10.

There are only a few great battery cases currently available for the device. Although more battery cases are evolving, but you got to choose the one which neither changes your Galaxy’s aspect too much nor make it bulkier.

Check out the most useful cases currently available for the Galaxy S10 that would add more utility to your new Galaxy S10.

Best battery cases for S10

Keep your Galaxy S10 powered on for a longer time with the help of these great battery cases for the device.

Moonmini Ultra Slim (4700mAh)

This cool battery case from Moonmini comes with a 4700mAh battery that must be more than enough to charge your device fully at least once with a little more juice to spare.

The case has a built-in over-charge protection system which prevents any battery damage. Moonmini’s battery case has an Input Current of 5V, 1800mAh and an Output Current of 5V 1500mAh.

The case also offers decent protection from drops and everyday bumps and has a raised bezel to protect your phone’s screen from picking up scratches when rested on a flat surface.

Buy on Amazon: $32.99 | Buy on Moonmini: $32.99

ZeroLemon Slim Power (8000mAh)

If you’re serious about battery backup and want your device to last a good bit, then there’s no better battery case for you than this 8000mAh battery case. ZeroLemon’s 8000mAh battery case is not for those who need a slim-case since this 8000mAh monstrosity is a bit bulky but can charge your Galaxy S10 about two times over.

The battery case also provides excellent protection for the Galaxy S10 since the case wraps around all the edges of the device. The case comes with an intelligent power indicator to show the battery level and charging status of the case.

You need to simply press the integrated button on the case to begin charging your Galaxy S10. ZeroLemon’s battery case has a decent Battery Input of 5V/1.8A and a Battery Output of 5V/1.5A.

Buy on ZeroLemon: $59.99

ZeroLemon Slim Power (5000mAh)

Here’s another excellent case from ZeroLemon and is perfect for those who do not want a super bulky battery case on their device. The case has an in-built 5000mAh battery and can easily charge your Galaxy S10 more than once or extend the battery life by a 100%.

Much like its bigger 8000mAh variant, this case from ZeroLemon also offers decent protection from drops and everyday bumps. The soft TPU case offers a firm grip on the device so you wouldn’t have to worry about your shiny new S10 slipping out of your hands.

This case has an intelligent power indicator as well which shows you the battery level and charging status. The case also comes with a Battery Input of 5V/1.8A and a Battery Output of 5V/1.5A 

Buy on ZeroLemon: $39.99


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