Best waterproof cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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It looks like you’re preparing for your next aqua adventure and are in need of the perfect waterproof case for your aging Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You’ve come to the right place and your Note 8 is going to be pretty set for anything.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 waterproof cases

Here’s a list of the best waterproof cases that we’ve found for your device:

Ghostek Nautical Tough Rugged Case

Tough companion

This case by Ghostek has been tested by immersing it in water for one hour straight. It has also been tested at 20- feet deep and managed just fine. Even the users of this case go gaga over its waterproofing. It’s the perfect armor for your Galaxy Note 8 and it looks good.

Buy on Amazon: $24.99

Temdan Heavy Duty Case

Functional security

This case by Temdan retains the touch sensitivity of the phone while ensuring complete waterproof protection. Even the fingerprint scanner works just fine. This is one of the best cases for underwater activities because of its intense combination of responsiveness and waterproofing.

Buy on Amazon: $21.99

Fansteck Full-Body Protective Case

Crystal clear winner

The clear front and back of this case make it another unique contender in the underwater photography game. Your Note 8 will also retain most of its look in this particular case compared to the others. The touch id is quite responsive as well ensuring that you get your value for money.

Buy on Amazon: $18.99

Lanhiem Shockproof Full Body Case

The underdog

This case is an ideal combination of touch sensitivity retention and waterproofing. The thing is most people who use Otterbox and Ghostek but need a more budget option turn to this case. But it is on par with the most reputed brands if not better because of its price point.

Buy on Amazon: $18.99

Lanwow Rugged Shockproof Case

Watertight confidence

This case is on the bulkier side compared to its competition but it can take a hit like nobody’s business. Users recommend this case because it keeps the phone intact even after repeated mishaps that should have ruined the phone. The touch sensitivity is not the best but if your priority is heavy duty protection this won’t matter as much.

Buy on Amazon: $19.83

We think the cases by Lanheim and Lanwow have some great features for an amazing price. Which case took your fancy from this list? Do let us know in the comments!

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