10 Best Podcast Apps for Android to find, subscribe, download and listen to your favorite podcasts

Best Podcast Apps

Who doesn’t love podcasts? Unless you haven’t tried it yet, you may be found in denial. But once you have experienced the ease of getting to know what you want to know via a simple medium of audio, through a show run regularly by your favorite guy or team in the industry, you desperately need your weekly dose.

In recent times, Podcasts seem to have taken over the world of readers and books. And a few seconds of insight is all one needs to see why: a gentle, crisp voice reading a book in one’s ears is so much more convenient than picking up a book and drudging through it oneself.


Best Podcast apps on Android

With a host of amazing podcast apps in the Android market, everyone can find an app precisely suited to their needs. Some of the most popular Android podcast apps are:

1. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is a no-fuss mobile-only app that archives over 550,000 podcasts its library. Discovery of podcasts is convenient, with an RSS/ATOM feed URL that also works with iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube & Twitch channels URLs. Podcast Addict covers the most popular networks of 6 languages.

Features such as update, download, and deletion have been automated and can be set to a specific time so that app downloads the requisite podcasts before the user starts listening to it.

Download: Podcast Addict

2. Podcast Player

With an array of awards bequeathed to it (Top Trending Apps of Global Best 2016 by Google Play, Winner of Google Demo Day 2016 Women’s Edition – Judges’ Choice Award etc), Podcast Player tops our list. Its simplicity and ease-of-usage are its highlights. Its podcast library stands at over 340,000 podcasts in 16 categories, from 70 countries & languages.

Download: Podcast Player

3. Audiobooks

Audible is home to the world’s largest selection of audiobooks, audio shows, and original series. Esteemed newspapers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post are regularly curated for the busy user that prefers to get updated about the happenings of the world on his daily commute to the office.  The integrated store makes accessing a new audiobook a child’s play.

Download: Audiobooks

4. Castbox

Castbox is yet another awards-winning heavyweight, having won an endless number of awards in 2017 and 2016. It serves a plethora of features on a solid base of a crystal clear layout. Castbox offers over a million podcast channels in 70 different languages. The availability of customizable options is endless. Podcast suggestions are based off a fantastic AI program embedded in the app.

Download: Castbox

5. Podcast Republic

Podcast Republic is a well-programmed app with an extensive library of podcasts. Its interface is extremely customizable, making it a good candidate for users that love to fiddle with their apps and blend them to their needs. With Podcast Republic, a user can manage his podcast subscriptions, live radio stream, audio books, YouTube channels, SoundCloud channels, and RSS feeds.

Download: Podcast Republic

6. Player FM

With 69,000 hits on Google Play store, Player FM is one of the most universally acclaimed Podcast apps out there. The user interface is heavily featured, yet uncluttered. The app functions just as well offline, as it does online. What’s more, Player FM is completely ad-free. Player FM is integrated with a host of wearable gadgets, such as and platforms including Android Wear, Android Auto, Chromecast, TeslaUnread, TalkBack and many, many more.

Download: Player FM

7. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the most well-designed podcast apps, featuring a material design that changes colors to complement the podcast artwork. It is the winner of quite a few awards too:  Google Play Top Developer, a Google Play Editors Choice, and a Google Material Design Award. It maintains over 200,000 podcasts in its ever-expanding library. It comes loaded with features that make the entire experience of the app seamlessly addictive.

Download: Pocket Casts

8. Podcast Go

Podcast Go is a Chromecast ready podcast app that contains thousands of podcasts from around the world. It has a sleek interface that is non-cluttery. There are over 15 categories of podcasts present and they can be downloaded and listened to offline. As the app is constantly updated, new bugs are quickly located and plucked out with each new update of the app.

Download: Podcast Go

9. AntennaPod

AntennaPod is a cleverly built podcast app with powerful automation controls that reduce phone battery usage, data usage and in general, human effort. It also happens to be open-source, meaning that a thriving community of coders works day and night to improve AntennaPod’s performance. It supports 15 languages and has gPodder.net integration and OPML export.

Download: AntennaPod

10. Podcast Radio

Speaker Podcast Radio has an editorial team that diligently curates an enviably unique collection of podcasts, giving it a slight niche feel. It has a superb interface that is minimalistic, yet classy. Automatically generated playlists, such as Downloads, Listen Later, Likes, and History help refine the user’s search for likable podcasts further.

Download: Podcast Radio

Podcasts can enrich life in ways you least expect. What’s more, it can make all the time you spend in commute every single day bearable!

So there you have it. What is your favorite podcast app, and why? Tell us in the comment section below.

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