Best screen protectors for Honor 8X

Huawei Honor 8X

The care and consideration with which we used to handle gadgets up till a few years ago (given the big bucks that we shelled to acquire them) have slowly seeped out of us, as gadgets become more and more an affordably regular part of our lives.

Consumers now switch phones every two years on an average, making us even more callous in our handling of them. Cracked phone screens and broken phone bodies is a pretty common sight nowadays, with people simply replacing the entire thing instead of opting for tedious phone repairment procedures.

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With such a big market for phone-protecting products, a number of companies now offer screen guards and back covers, which are easy preventive options to keep the phone in one piece for a lengthy period of time.

Following are some of the best screen protectors for the very popular Honor 8X available currently in the market.

Doubledicestore Honor 8X 5D curved edge-to-edge tempered glass

Doubledicestore Honor 8X Screenguard

Doubledicestore Honor 8X Premium 5D Curved Edge-to-Edge tempered glass Screen Protector is a high-quality 5D tempered glass with edge-to-edge coverage, leaving no scope for breakage even from split-second exertion on any corner of the phone, which are the weakest points on a phone’s body.

This screen guard also comes with an Anti-fingerprint Oleophobic layer for a neat, vivid and crisp display. The textured glass is dotted for seamless touch sensitivity for Honor 8X.

Buy on Amazon (INR 249)

Nillkin H+ Pro ultra slim tempered glass (0.2mm thick)

Nilkin Tempered Glass Honor 8X

Nilkin tempered glass Guard uses a special tempered glass material pushing its hardness up to 9H and making it scratch resistant. Its surface is covered with a nanometer oleophobic coating which has anti-fingerprint and oil rub properties and effectively prevents and filters ultraviolet rays emerging from the phone’s screen.

It also uses globally advance glass screen protector technology which has let the screen’s thickness remain to only 0.2 mm, having been made with precise CNC cutting technology. If money isn’t a constraint for you, and you want a premium screen protector that is also very, very slim at just 0.2mm of thickness, go get this one. Given the high cost of this one, do not forget to check out the less pricey options below.

Buy on Flipkart (INR 1399)

Adoniss tempered glass screen protector

Adoniss Tempered Glass Honor 8X

Adoniss tempered glass Guard has 0.3 mm thickness, with a surface hardness of 8 to 9H. The surface of the glass protector has a hardness three times stronger than a regular PET film.

Even objects such as knives and keys are unable to scratch this screen guard. Also, If broken, the Adoniss Glass Guard breaks into small pieces that are not sharp, making it safer than most other screen guards.

Buy on Flipkart (INR 699)

Tempered glass by Popio

Popio Screen Guard for Honor 8X

The Huawei Honor 8X tempered glass by Popio is made of real tempered glass (that firmly protects the original screen from shattering) with an industry-leading hardness of 9H, while providing super high definition clarity. The Oleophobic coating on the glass prevents excessive fingerprinting and oil stains and makes the film easy to clean.

Silicone bubble-free adhesive concretely adheres to the phone’s screen without any gaps or bubbles, leaving the touch sensitivity unaffected. The screen guard is hard-coated, making it scratch proof. An anti-shatter film is built-in to protect the user as well as the phone – if it does break, the tempered glass breaks into small pieces that stick together, making it safer for users.

Buy on Amazon (INR 149)

FASHIONISTA ultra slim tempered glass

Honor 8X Fashionista Screen protector

The Fashionista 0.3mm high-quality tempered glass is designed to contour elegantly with the HONOR 8X front face, as the precisely-engineered 5D tempered glass Screen Protector offers a crisp viewing experience and optimal protection from edge to edge. It comes with a protector featuring 9H hardness and superior anti-scratch material to guard against scratches and add drop protection.

Also, this tempered glass effectively resists scratches and is finished with a fingerprint-repelling oleophobic coating, ensures that the phone’s display stays clean, clear, and vivid. Precisely cut from Asahi Glass before layering on top an anti-smudge coating, maintaining the Honor 8X’s original high-definition viewing experience And high-sensitivity touch response has never been easier.

Buy on Amazon (INR 199)

Kyosei tempered glass (pack of 2)

Kyosei Tempered Glass Honor 8X

A tempered glass from Kyosei is a laser-cut tempered glass made from material brought from a Japanese Asahi Glass Factory. It is a high definition clear screen protector with 99% clarity, keeping the screen looking fresh and new for well over a year.

Anti-Glare screen protector reduces glare and provides a natural screen experience. The touch-through design makes touching the screen just as easy, also allowing easy touch access to the corners. High-quality Japanese material prevents fingerprints, dirt, and scratches as well as protection against minor water splashes and oil.

Buy on Amazon (INR 139)

Johra tempered glass Guard

Johra Tempered Glass Honor 8X

The Johra tempered glass Guard prevents scratches on the phone’s screen and uses a static adhesive that does not leave a residue when removed, and makes installation error-proof. The screen protector also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and alcohol swab, to be used to remove dust or debris from the gadget’s screen before applying the screen protector.

The bubble-free application makes Johra screen guards able aids in keeping the device screen brilliant and scratch free for a long time.

Buy on Flipkart (INR 299)

Johra Anti-Blue Film Screen Protector Film

Johra Anti Blue Tempered Glass Honor 8X

The new Johra Screen Protector comes with eyes protection and anti-blue film is armored with an additional layer that filters the screen’s blue light radiation by upto 35%, greatly aiding in improved sleep and retina protection. The 2.D curve introduced into the screen guard makes it impossible to cover the whole screen with it though because of the curve at the edges of the device.

Other than that, it has all the other features present in its other product (listed above) such as impact protection, scratch resistance, oleophobic coating, and bubble-free screen adherence.

Buy on Amazon (INR 299)

Modik Premium tempered glass Guard

Modik Glass Guard Honor 8X

Modik Premium tempered glass Guard is an easy to install screen guard that leaves no residue and traps no bubbles underneath it upon being placed on the phone screen. The screen guard’s HD+ clarity ensures perfect assimilation into the phone with zero impact on visual display. The surface hardness of the screen is top-notch at 9H.

The ultra clear shock-resistant layer under the glass effectively protects the screen from scratches & external shocks. High touch sensitivity keeps the screen’s tactile response prompt.

Buy on Amazon (INR 249)

So, that’s some of the best screen protectors, including the tempered glass and screen guards you can get for the Honor 8X from Amazon and Flipkart in India.

What’s your favorite one?

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