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top Honor 7x cases

The Huawei Honor 7X is one of the most beautiful phones to come from the company under the budget segment. Naturally, you may want to cover this beauty with a case as you’d want those jealous eyes to sit up and take notice of your 7X whenever you take it out for a selfie, call, or whatever. But this is an investment and like any other, you’ll also want to have the best protection for it.

Like any other phone, the Honor 7X is still vulnerable to damage and this means you need to protect it from harm’s way. This is where phone cases come in.

A good phone case makes all the difference

Honor 7x best cases

Where some want a phone case for decoration purposes, there are those who want the guarantee that their investment is protected in the event that it drops down. In the middle of these two is a group that doesn’t want to hide the beauty of the phone and also wants it protected from any physical damage.

Well, having a good phone case can be the difference between walking home with a broken Honor 7X or picking it up with all smiles. But which one should you buy, especially now that they are available in plenty? Let’s find out.

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As of this writing, the Honor 7X is already available in the U.S. and India, hence we have listed cases available in these two countries only. But you can look for similar cases in your country, probably by the same companies selling in these two regions. Since it’s nearly impossible to find the same cases in both markets, we’ll divide this article into two sections: cases for the U.S., and India.

Best Honor 7X cases in the U.S.

As noted earlier, people have varied reasons for buying a phone case, but whatever the reason, you should find something that suits your particular needs.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Any smartphone cases conversation won’t be complete without the mention of Spigen, arguably the best in the business. As you would expect, the company has something for your Honor 7X – the Spigen Rugged Armor Case.

As the name suggests, this is a strong, durable yet flexible case that takes advantage of the company’s internal spiderweb pattern and Air Cushion techniques to cushion the corners of the Honor 7X against impacts while at the same time spreading the force away from the point of impact. There are tactile covers that keep the buttons clean while the textured feel makes it grippy. The case also features a raised lip to ensure that the device doesn’t touch any surfaces when laid down.

Buy: $11.99

Yiakeng Dual Layer Protective Fit Armor Case

As the name suggests, the Yiakeng Protective Fit Armor Case uses a combination of PC and TPU to give your Honor 7X great protection in a number of ways. On the inside is a soft TPU core that cushions the phone against any impact and on the outside is a PC layer around the TPU that protects against direct impacts.

To aid in the grip are rugged hard ridges on the PC section alongside a pattern on the TPU, making this the perfect case for those who’d want to take the Honor 7X on a little outdoor trip or hiking. It gets even better as the Yiakeng Protective Fit Armor Case also comes with a built-in kickstand that can get handy when watching movies, videos or browsing through photos on the beautiful 18:9 display screen.

You can grab the Yiakeng Protective Armor Honor 7X case from Amazon in either Black, Blue, Green or Red color variants.

Buy: $7.98

KuGi Honor 7X cases

KuGi has a variety of Honor 7X cases that you can pick from. If you are looking for the wallet-style phone case, the KuGi thin wallet has all the answers. In addition to offering the needed protection to your phone, this wallet case also houses your ID, cash, credit cards and so on. These are things you’ll end up carrying nearly everywhere you go and as such, it makes sense having them in one place – alongside your phone.

Leather case

The PU leather adds a cool finish to the case and you can pick from four different colors of Red, Green, Blue and Black, with the latter coming in at $8.50 while the rest are priced at $8.95.

Buy: $8.50

Flexible Soft Anti Slip TPU case

If you want something soft for your Honor 7X, KuGi has just the perfect case for you in the Premium Flexible Soft Anti Slip TPU case. Featuring textured shock-absorbing soft silicone, the case looks and feels great on the 7X. The perfectly engineered sides ensure that you won’t lose grip of your phone and the cuttings for ports are as perfect as you’d want them to be.

Thanks to a new TPU formula, the KuGi Premium Flexible Soft Anti Slip Case promises long-lasting protection for your Honor 7X. If you want something classic that’ll keep your phone safe, well, this is it. Like its counterpart, the case is available in four colors of Navy, Black, Gray and Red and the prices remain the same.

Buy: $8.50

Flexible Hybrid Bumper Clear Case

For those who want to protect their investment while at the same time letting the world know what a beauty the Honor 7X is, the KuGi Flexible Hybrid Bumper Clear Case has all it takes. It’s crafted from a thin TPU that absorbs shock/drop/scratch in case of any accidents without taking away any of the phone’s good looks.

The holes in the case are so precise that you won’t need to remove it in order to connect to a charger or have issues accessing the fingerprint scanner. The TPU is sturdy and soft, which makes the case feel grippy and great in your hand.

Buy: $7.98

Vinve Electroplated Bumper Frame Case

How about if you want to throw in some style? Well, the Vinve Electroplated Bumper Frame Honor 7X Clear Case is thin, flexible and strong enough to keep your phone safe. What makes this clear case from Vinve unique is its slim metal bumpers at the top and bottom as well as around the camera lenses and fingerprint sensor. These are the some of the most vulnerable areas of a phone and the case does a great job to keep them protected.

With its super-thin design, the Vinve Electroplated Bumper Frame Case feels great in your hand while at the same time affording the needed extra grip for your Honor 7X. Although a clear case, you’ll love the blue accents it sports.

Buy: $8.98

DayJoy Aluminum Shield Case

Looking for something that’s completely different? Well, you can’t do better than the DayJoy Aluminum Shield Honor 7X Case, which is made from metal. This is not a case everyone will like, especially since its quite heavy given that it’s metallic, but the company still does a great job keeping the case as light as possible thanks to the use of aerospace aluminum.

This is only something that unique persons would consider. So, if you feel like a one really unique guy, well, the DayJoy Aluminum Shield Case will do justice to your Honor 7X.

Buy: $24.99

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Best Honor 7X cases in India

Most of the Honor 7X cases sold in the U.S. can also be shipped to other markets across the globe, but do make sure you verify if your market is included before placing an order. India is one of the markets in question, which means you can as well skip this section and grab your favorite Honor 7X case from any of the above. On the other hand, there are some really nice cases available locally through Amazon India and Flipkart as well and we have some of the best for you in this section.

Aeetz Honor 7X Luxury TPU Back Case

Aeetz has some of the best cases and the Honor 7X Luxury TPU Leather Back 3-in-1 Case is one such case. Available in three color variants of Black, Blue, Red & Black, the case takes advantage of environmentally friendly TPU material that is also drop resistant to give your Honor 7X deserved protection from fingerprints, dust, scratches, abrasion or any impacts.

For extra grip, the Aeetz Honor 7X case has a subtle wiredrawing pattern that further adds to the great feel of holding the case in your hand. The case also hugs the phone perfectly and allows for easy access to all buttons and ports without causing any obstructions.

Buy: INR 349

Bigzook Full Body Electroplated Hard Case

Another great 3-in-1 case for the Honor 7X is the Full Body Electroplated Hard Case by Bigzook. This case offers 360-degree protection for your phone thanks to a top-quality build that is complemented by an elegant design. Your phone will be free of smudges, dust, scratches, abrasion or impacts from drops.

Speaking of drops, the flexible TPU material helps absorb impact even if the phone falls on a significantly hard surface. You can grab the Honor 7X Full Body Electroplated Hard Case in either Black, Black & Red, or Blue.

Buy: INR 599

Groovy Flip Cover

Perhaps you want something a little different from the rest. Well, the Groovy Flip Cover for the Honor 7X is a pretty interesting option here. The case is made of artificial leather that gives it a premium feel and lightweight while giving the Honor 7X excellent protection and grip.

As you would expect with any flip cover, the Groovy Flip Cover for Honor 7X has room for your ID and credit cards. You can grab one in either Black or Brown.

Buy: INR 199

Excelsior Premium Silicon Back Cover Case

The Premium Silicon Back Cover Case by Excelsior adds a classic feel to your Honor 7X thanks to its leather finish on the back, which is just good looking. The case is made from a refined silicone material that is meant to fully protect your Honor 7X as well as give the world of a clear view of its beauty. You will also love the perfect cutouts for buttons and controls, camera, fingerprint sensor and speaker.

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The Excelsior Premium Silicon Back Cover Honor 7X Case can be yours in either Coffee or Black color variant.

Buy: INR 699

Arcent Back Cover for Honor 7X

Arcent Back Cover for Honor 7X

If you are into designer cases, the Arcent Back Cover for the Honor 7X is worth looking at. The case is made from an ultra slim, stylish, sleek and lightweight plastic material that is good enough to protect your phone from catching scratches and bumps.

Given its tight and firm fit, the Arcent Back Cover ensures that you get a proper grip on your phone, thus drastically reducing any instances of accidental falls. The case is available in multiple colors and if it doesn’t impress you, there’s a huge collection of designer cases for the Honor 7X here.

Buy: INR 199

Note: The prices in this article are correct as of February 2018 and some of them are, in fact, limited offers. This means that they are subject to change, so make sure you grab the deals sooner than later.

So, which one is your favorite choice of a case for your Honor 7X?

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