Best Color Smart Light Bulbs in 2020

While technology advancements are on par, smart homes are getting popular and popular day by day. You can quickly add a smart speaker like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and tie them up with some smart services to take the first few significant steps towards making your home a smart home, but truth be told, things feel truly smart when you buy some smart hardware like smart lights, smart locks, smart security cameras, and the like stuff.

To get started early on, let’s check some of the best color smart light bulbs that can light up your home or office in a beautiful and convenient way.

Philips Hue Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit ($133)

Philips Starter Kit bundle comes with 3 Smart Bulbs, 1 Hue Hub, 1 ethernet cable, 1 power cord. You can light up your home smarter with the 3 smart bulbs and choose from plenty of colors that match your mood. Philips, one of the best in this industry, offers features including routines, sunrise/sunset automation, scenes, geofencing, and a vacation mode.

You can also experience the best with Philips Hue by syncing with movies, movies, and games. Install the Philips Hue app on your Android mobile and control your lights when you are on holiday, set timers or wake up and go to sleep naturally.

Buy: Philips Hue Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit ($133)

BERENNIS Smart Light Bulb ($28)

BERENNIS Smart Light Bulbs, Pack of 3, is perfect for your home which can be controlled without a hub. It is compatible with Google Home, Alexa, and IFTTT and you can automate your home using the Magic Home Pro app on your Android device. Select from over 16 million colors to express yourself and make your space more interesting. These affordable smart bulbs are dimmable and can be controlled individually or as a group. Using the Magic Home Pro app, group all the bulbs together, set the color and other settings of all the bulbs by just a click.

Buy: BERENNIS Smart Light Bulb ($28)

TECKIN Smart WiFi Light Bulb ($14)

These energy-efficient smart bulbs have a long lifespan of over 30,000 hours and support over million colors. Light up your home with these smart Wi-Fi RGB light bulbs using the Smart Life app. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Smart Life, you can control the light bulbs with voice control or enjoy the easiest way through automatic schedules. The remote control allows you to control the bulbs even you are away from your home. Teckin light bulbs are not only smart but also provides one of the brightest colors with 2800k to 6200k color range.

Buy: TECKIN Smart WiFi Light Bulb ($14)

SAUDIO LED RGB Color Changing Bulbs ($20)

SAUDIO smart bulbs, compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant and IFTTT is easy to set up and have a wide application system like scene mode, color palette, sunlight and sunrise functions. This dimmable smart bulbs can be controlled via remote and voice control options. Like all other smart bulbs in the list, these Saudio bulbs can also be controlled individually or in a group using the Smart Life app.

Buy: SAUDIO LED RGB Color Changing Bulbs ($20)

Govee Color Changing Light Bulb with Remote ($15)

Govee smart light bulbs are versatile color-changing lights with different ultra-high 2700k to 6500k brightness levels. Unlike other smart light bulbs that you can control using an Android device, Govee smart light bulbs come with a separate remote control which can be handy when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection at your home. Yes, these smart bulbs can be controlled without connecting it to a Wi-Fi device. These ultra-low-power consumption light bulbs illuminate your vibrant life by user-friendly delay options, cloud storage and support 16 vivid colors to match all your moods.

Buy: Govee Color Changing Light Bulb with Remote ($15)

Best Smart Light Bulbs by type:

1. Based on hub requirement

Do smart bulbs really need a hub? Hub acts as a middleman between your bulbs and the router. Some models connect via a hub, some through Wi-Fi and some directly using Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection, however, is like an IR Remote and can be used only when you are within the range of the bulbs. Adding an extra hub costs a little bit more money and that adds up another step to the installation process. Below mentioned are some of the best smart light bulbs that work without any middleman.

2. Smart Light Bulbs based on the brightness levels

Many models in this business offer only on or off i.e., there is no control over the brightness levels of the bulb. On the other hand, some models are really smart enough to offer adjustable brightness levels which means you can customize how bright the light should be when you are reading or how cool/warm it should be when you are watching a movie. Here are the smart bulbs which support 1% to 100% brightness levels for your convenience.

So, which color smart light bulb are you buying, and why? Do give us a heads up if we missed out on a great bulb that should be listed above.