Best AR apps and games we want on Android that are already available on the iOS

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What once was a futuristic concept that we enjoyed in science fiction movies has now become reality. Augmented reality has existed for years, even if hasn’t been promoted under the name (remember your dog filter on Snapchat?). With the release of iOS 11 last year, Apple brought AR to most of the current-generation iPhones and iPads.

Since then, Android has caught up with AR apps of its own, but the playing field is not even yet. Now that Google is pushing forward the ARCore augmented reality platform, we hope to see some of the best AR apps from iOS pop up on Android soon.

Here’s our wish list of the best AR apps and games currently available on the iOS App Store, that we want to see on Android devices soon.

AR MeasureKit

A technology is only as good as it’s productive, and AR MeasureKit makes the most out of augmented reality to help you solve real-life problems. Turning the camera of an iPad or iPhone into an instant measuring tool, all you need to do is point and shoot at an object to find it’s dimensions. With this single app, you find out the entire surface area of your floor, measure the angle of an object, find out if a surface is uneven and so much more.

IKEA Place

For the avid furniture shoppers who are always wondering “how would that couch look in my living room?” IKEA is here to help. The IKEA Place app holds an inventory of more than 2000 products in a single app, helping you set the interior of your place the right way. Simply select a product, view it in AR and use the camera to position the virtual object in your living space in real time!


ARise - The Augmented Reality Puzzle Game

If you thought gaming was limited only to VR, then this AR adaptation of Monument Valley will change your mind. This tiny perspective-puzzler game pops up in your living space as you guide an adorable mini centurion. Guide the hero on his quest to overcome obstacles and make his way across by physically moving around and finding the safest route.

Carrot Weather

You’d hardly expect a weather app to put the technology of AR to good use, but Carrot Weather gives weather reporting a new perspective. While the app itself is more than equipped to deliver the latest weather forecasts and updates, the AR window offer some snarky comments and some wicked animations for different weather conditions.

Word Brush

Google created a whole new dimension of 3D art with the Tilt Brush app for the VR platform, and Word Brush brings the same to iDevices. Word Brush helps you bring out the inner artists in you by sketching across the canvas of the real world through your phone’s camera. The best part is that your artwork is saved for the location that you use it in, and can even be viewed by your fellow Word Brush users.

AR Runner

You don’t have to be a couch potato to enjoy some good quality AR gaming on your mobile device. AR Runner brings a physical and competitive aspect into the play as you challenge yourself and players from around the world for indoor and outdoor racing. The app creates virtual path and checkpoints for you with three different game modes, and you need to complete the course in record time to win.


Not all AR apps are supposed to help you be more productive or solve a problem, some like Holo can be there just for fun! With more than 300 different holograms of characters, celebrities, entertainers, and animals at your fingertips, use the power of augmented reality to create the coolest content to share with your friends.

Splitter Critters

Another puzzle adventure game that is great, to begin with, but so much more fun with the element of AR with it. Your mission is to get the cute little critters to their spaceship by slicing up and rearranging the terrain. The recently updated game now brings new 3D levels which you can move around and view in augmented reality.

Fitness AR

Strava is already a popular social platform for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and now Fitness AR adds a whole new dimension to it. This app allows you completely visualize your daily route through the power of 3D terrain mapping in Mapbox. The social element of Strava helps you visualize the route your friends take and build your very own custom route with a real-life view of the surroundings.

Sky Guide AR

For all the stargazers out there in search of their favorite constellation, Sky Guide AR app is the one for you. Built to work with or without a cellular network, this app is a real-time tracker to find galaxies, planets, and even satellites all around the universe. With a catalog of more than 2.5 million celestial bodies, Sky Guide AR is your virtual space buddy for life.

Have we missed out on mentioning an AR app or game that Android totally needs to be in this list? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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