AT&T Galaxy Express Prime 3, Cricket Wireless Galaxy Amp Prime 3, and Galaxy Sol 3 should launch soon

While the rest of the world received Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 with model number SM-J330, folks in the U.S. received a spin-off of the phone with model number SM-J327. To make things even more confusing, this variant of the J3 went on to adopt different names on various carriers that sold it.

For instance, T-Mobile calls it Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime while Verizon calls it Galaxy J3 Eclipse. Those using AT&T know the same phone as Galaxy Express Prime 2 while on Cricket and Sprint, it’s known as Galaxy Amp Prime 2 and Galaxy J3 Emerge, respectively. With over a year down the line, successors to these variants are now being lined up.

Galaxy J3 2018 spin-off

A while back, the successor to T-Mobile’s Galaxy J3 Prime appeared on the Wi-Fi Alliance with model SM-J337T, an indicator that the U.S. will get another J3 2018 spin-off, at least on the magenta carrier.

At the time, we were adamant that other variants of the phone will also pop up sooner than later and indeed, it’s happening. More variants of the Galaxy J3 Prime 2018 have been spotted on the same platform. The listed handsets have model numbers SM-J337A, SM-J337AZ as well as the already-spotted SM-J337T.

From the model numbers, we can tell that SM-J337A is heading to AT&T as Samsung Galaxy Express Prime 3 while SM-J337AZ will be sold on Cricket as the Galaxy Amp Prime 3.

Galaxy J3 Prime 2018

The WFA has also cleared another Samsung device with model number SM-J336AZ. Since Cricket’s Galaxy Sol 2 came with model number SM-J326AZ, it’s obvious that the model number SM-J336AZ is meant for the Galaxy Sol 3, the successor to Sol 2. As you’d expect, all models have Android 8.0 Oreo preinstalled, but details of other specs remain in the dark.

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The 2017 models were unveiled in January and by February, they were already available for purchase. Going by these standards, Samsung is already late with the launch of the 2018 editions. However, the listing on the WFA should imply that the launch is just around the corner.

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