Asus Transformer TF101 Gets Android 4.0 ICS Port, too!

Even though Google is yet to launch Android 4.0 source code to public, developers around the world are making full use of the Android 4.0 SDK released by Google few weeks before. The latest to get a ICS port from Android 4.0 SDK is the Asus Transformer tablet, where developer Sweattaimi was able to get all ICS packages but sadly, is yet to even boot it the Transformer with Android 4.0.

Still, he’s put his work on download, so those interested can download it — and tweak it, if you happen to be a developer or knowledgeable on this — to make it run, and help remove bugs and all that, for Transformer users’ good.

If you are interested in this, keep an eye on the development ongoing here (you can download the port from there, too). Sure we will be updating this post if it develops enough to be enjoyable for avg Transformer user, with guide on How To install/flash/update, and stuff.

We recently saw Android 4.0 nearly fully ported to Nexus S, and shortly after that, Samsung Galaxy S had a bootable Android 4.0 port too, although it can’t get past the lock screen and wasn’t meant for daily use at all. Now, it’s the Asus hit tablet, the Transformer, that has got one ICS port for itself.

Oh btw, Asus has already promised Android 4.0 for Transformer, but there is no word on expected time of update. Hopefully, Google releases Android 4.0 source code (AOSP) for the public soon so that developers have something better, and much required, than SDK to work on and get us fully working port.

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