Apple Introduces Game Porting Toolkit 2, Lets Developers Port macOS Games to iOS

What to know

  • Apple has introduced Game Porting Toolkit 2 – the next iteration of developer tools to bring Windows games to macOS. 
  • Once ported to the macOS, these games can be further brought to iOS with little effort.
  • The beta version of Game Porting Toolkit 2 is now available for developers to download.  

Introduced last year, Game Porting Toolkit by Apple allows developers to translate Windows games so they run natively on macOS. Several AAA games have been brought to macOS since. And from the looks of it, these could be ported to iOS as well. 

Apple has now introduced Game Porting Toolkit 2 that brings with it several new improvements, improved compatibility, and updated tools for developers. The new Game Porting Toolkit allows for better graphics, performance, and also works with ray-tracing for compatible hardware. 

Speaking of compatibility, games that are ported to macOS can now be ported further to the iPhone and the iPad as well. This is chiefly because the toolkit shares support for different game elements, including controllers, video and audio. So, for instance, the controller vibrations can be substituted with the iPhone’s haptic feedback. Once a Windows game is optimized for macOS, the macOS optimized game can be ported to the iOS and iPadOS without a lot of extra effort. 

Developers can now get the beta version of Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit 2.  

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