Apple Intelligence, improved Siri coming to iPhone on iOS 18.4

What to know

  • A Bloomberg report suggests Apple Intelligence and improved Siri will arrive to iPhones in spring 2025.
  • The two flagship AI features will arrive via the iOS 18.4 update.
  • Developers and beta adopters will be able to test the features before launch, possibly later this year.

Spring of 2025 – That’s when Apple Intelligence (Apple’s AI system) and an improved version of Siri will be available to everyone through an iOS 18.4 update. This is according to a Bloomberg’s report, and is to date the most specific update on when these major features will be operational.

All this is not to say that you won’t even get a glimpse of these more flagship features sooner. As is the case with any feature, these will most likely be released via beta updates and developer testing. So expect these to become available later this year via previews and beta versions of iOS 18. 

Some features such as ChatGPT integration and a new Siri interface will most likely arrive this fall. But a revamped Siri (with improved capabilities) and Apple Intelligence are still a year away. It’s also likely that we may get one of the two sooner, though the details are still unclear. 

Expect more such rumors, reports, and leaks to arrive down the line as we get closer to release. Until next time!

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