Angry Frogs: A copycat game of Angry Birds (Shameful?)

Developer Emanuele Padula just threw a new game in the market, Angry Frogs Beta, which borrows Angry Birds’ ideas not only in the name but also in the gameplay. A replica – in fact, but nothing more than a poor substitute.

Do you really think of “Angry Birds” as a gaming category, a genre? We certainly don’t feel like that but ask Emanuele Padula,  developer of the Angry Frogs Beta — a faulty mirror of your lovely game, the Angry Birds. He mentions (in his right state of mind, we assume) ‘Angry Birds’ as a genre in the market description of Angry Frogs — of course to secure a good position in market searches intended for Angry Birds, which could be huge you know, given the popularity of Angry Birds. Well, Google just updated the android market with a slew of new categories. Guess what, they missed one. Ouch.

Seems he needed a bit more than the birds v/s pigs, maybe, which is why he was inspired to frogs v/s snakes battles. You think we need such a replica game, which in fact is totally lame, as my brief and very sufficient interaction with the game suggests.

Well, I basically don’t like the very idea of duplicating a game. What you guys think? Is it correct even if it’s totally legal? About the latter, I have no clue and it would depend on what action Angry Birds team takes?

Oh, by the way, there is still one feature which I like and think deserves mention. In the Angry Frogs, the game update is inbuilt, meaning you don’t need to update the whole app from the market to get new levels. Just hit the update tab in the options and you’ll get all the new levels right there. Pretty good addition, no?

The game also lets you create custom levels. I spent a couple of minutes on that but I think the UI wasn’t impressive enough to give me any assurance that I will be able to chalk out a decent-even level out of that. Do share with me if anyone of you are able to make out any great level from there.

Download Angry Frogs if you really wanna try it — despite its bad UI and poor experience, if you compare to its hero Angry Birds — here is the link.

Angry Frogs Beta Download

Air your thoughts — hateful, sympathetic  and of course ANGRY — in comments. Anybody wants this game out of beta? Or Angry Frogs Seasons? And will Emanuele Padula be able to get his app on iOS appstore (lol)?



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