Android Wear Coming to iPhone, Says Report

apple watch

Previously, Google hinted at plans to bring about iPhone compatibility to Android Wear. This information comes in when Apple is all set to launch its first wearable Apple Watch.

A report from The Verge claims that Google is almost close to the completion of the project. As of now, Android Wear makes use of a companion app on Android smartphones to pair with them and it is claimed that the same approach will be used on the iPhones, if the application is approved by Apple.

apple watch

Currently, the report adds that Android Wear supports notifications and Google Now including cards and voice actions on iPhone. At the time of release, it is believed to add advanced integration with Google’s own applications such as the ability to reply to an incoming message.

At present, it seems like Android Wear on iPhone has basic functionality limitations, but it remains to be seen if Google will add advanced features such as music control as the Pebble smartwatch.

Google’s Android Wear iPhone compatibility depends on the approval by Apple. Apple Watch being the biggest launch by the Cupertino tech titan, it all depends on its decision to approve the same. If Apple risks a greater competition from the Android Wear based smartwatches to its own wearable that will be going on sale in the coming days, it may not approve this idea.

Source: The Verge