Android Apps to help you watch TV shows on Android

What if you are stuck in a nasty traffic jam and your favorite TV show is going to air in some time? Or, what if you want to watch your favorite TV show alone, on your mobile, in your room?What do you do?

A few years back nothing could be done, but now thanks to the growing wave of technology, you can watch live TV shows online anywhere on your Android device.

While old TV shows were available to watch since some time now, watching live TV has gained momentum. Earlier, watching live TV was possible only on the desktop but due to the availability of Live TV apps on Android devices, your smartphone can now give a tough competition to the cable networks.

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Sure, you could watch the episode later but the thrill of watching it live is something different. Moreover, watching Live TV on Android is a no sweat thing and here is a list of Android Apps that allow you to watch Live TV on your Android device.

Note: Not all countries have been covered here, for obvious reasons but we’ve tried majority apps as it looked feasible. If you know about a good app for a country, do let us know via comments below.

live tv apps

India TV Apps

usa live tv apps


Canada TV Apps

Australia TV Apps

United Kingdom (UK) TV Apps

Russia TV Apps

Germany TV Apps

Japan TV Apps

Spain TV Apps

In addition to the above-mentioned apps, the video giant, YouTube, recently announced that it will soon launch YouTube TV, where you will be able to have your always-on-online-TV dreams come true.

You would be able to can watch Live TV, movies and even old shows on YouTube TV. While the above apps have their share of fans, YouTube TV could be the all-in-one impressive solution that the above apps are far from becoming like. In the future, it will be interesting to see how the live TV further develops. Let’s wait and watch.

Let us know in the comments below if we have missed any app. Also tell us which is your favorite app.