Android tablet for Kids: MEEP’s got a cool one for just $150

Tired of your kids always getting hold of your tablets to play around with it? Well, buy them the MEEP! Xplore tablet from MEEP! and put an end to that. The MEEP Xplore is made specially for kids, with features such as a zForce technology-enabled screen that responds to any touch so that those dirty hands of your kids aren’t a barrier to operating the device.

What’s great about the tablet is that it only costs $150 but has good enough specs to get through the needs of your kids, including most games. Different accessories that match the tablet’s look, like a microphone, headphones, Game-pro case, and even a joystick can be purchased separately. As for buying apps and games, your kids can do that using virtual currency that you buy them and download from the MEEP! Store

Take a look at the official specs:

  • Utilizes latest Android 4.0 platform
  • 1.0GHz Cortex A8 processor with 512MB RAM
  • 7” vivid touch screen with latest zForce© touch-screen technology responds quickly to any touch
  • Screen dimensions: 800 pixels wide x 480 pixels high
  • Stream content from tablet to television through HDMI (2160 pixels)
  • 4 GB internal storage, plus SD card slot to install additional memory
  • Built-in Wi-Fi© for instant internet access
  • Built-in 0.3mpx camera for taking photos and videos
  • G Sensor enabled
  • Colorful and durable silicone sleeve provides a safe grip
  • Product dimensions: 145 x 96 x 188mm

Go ahead and hit the source link below to get more details on the MEEP! Xplore, and also check out the video below.

Oregon Scientific Xplore | MEEP! - Tech Spec Video