Android Market to Get In-App Payments by May 2011

Android updates more often than any other platform in the world. Yet, the feature that is very often rumored and very much highly cherished by developers, In-App Payments system for the android market, hasn’t made it to launch date. In-App payments system allow developers to provide an option in their application which lets users — or, rather decently compels when seen in a slightly different perspective — to buy stuff, using the real world money only.

For example — an RPG game would allow users to purchase potions and blades, or an app could direct users to another apps — paid or not — of same developer or others. Instances and real world use is just great. And, iOS already has this system.

Latest word on the expected release date poise the debut of In-App payments system to May 2011, and it comes from none other the Social Gold — which deals in this service and was acquired by the search engine giant recently earlier.

Come May, you can expect it to actually launch with the next iterations of Android to hit too, which can be righty expected to be announced at the Google I/O — an annual event of Google’s every May. So, maybe, it is Android 2.4 (rumored name: Icecream / Icecream Sandwich) which will happy-hug developers with the In-App payments system.

Via Phandroid

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