Android L Themes for CM11 Theme Engine

Android L has marked a new path in the Android design philosophy. Material Design has taken over Android. Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 has got the developer previews. But don’t worry if you don’t have a Nexus device. You can get the look and feel of Android L on your CM11 or any other CM11 based ROMs! XDA developer PixCM has released an Android L theme for CM11 theme engine.

This theme includes everything from Fonts to Boot animations that are based on Material Design. Full features are given below:

  • Flat Design
  • Coloured action Bars
  • Themed action bar, buttons
  • New font
  • New navigation bar Icons
  • New Network Indicators
  • New wallpaper
  • Themed Calculator
  • New colors in each app
  • New Boot Animation
  • Notification sound from L release
  • Ringtone from L release
  • Lockscreen wallpapers

android l theme for cm11

This theme is only for the new CM11 theme engine and not an icon pack for launchers, so make sure your device has a CM11 Theme Chooser compatible ROM installed. To apply the theme, first install the Theme from either of the links given below. And Go to Settings > Themes > Theme packs > Choose Android L theme > Check all available options > Update.

There is also an Android L theme for CM11 in the Play Store from another developer, which is a paid version. You can try that aw well, but we’d recommend the PixCM’s theme from XDA more.


PixCM’s Android L Theme for CM11 (XDA) → download link (Free)

Android L Theme for CM11 from Play store → download link (Paid)


Here’s one more Android L Theme for CM11→ download link (paid)

Android L CM11 Theme