Android creator Andy Rubin teases his upcoming bezel-less smartphone

The fast changing technological world, in a way, has proved to be a boon for the mobile sector. With the entry of Android smartphones a new technological era dawned upon us. And credit for this goes to Android creator Andy Rubin, from whom Google bought Android OS way back in 2005. He is back in the game with his company Essential Products Inc and is working on a new phone which he teased via his Twitter handle.

The tease gives us a peek into one corner of the smartphone but is enough to arouse our curiosities. From this first image of Andy Rubin’s mysterious smartphone, we can infer that it is a bezel-less hardware. Apart from this, the displayed battery, time and network information can be seen at the slightly visible corner of the device.

According to a past report, Andy Rubin is planning to release a flagship device around the middle of this year which will carry the brand name of Rubin’s company Essential Products Inc. This flagship device will be the base for a whole suite of connected products.

Essential Products Inc. is working on creating tablets, smartphones and mobile software. Its smartphone prototypes feature large bezel-free displays and ceramic backings, a glimpse of which can be seen in the teased phone image by its creator Rubin.

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