Android 5.1 update available on OnePlus One via CM12.1 custom ROM

Latest Android update, the 5.1, is within OnePlus One users reach now thanks to CM12.1 custom ROM. Am unofficial port for now, the ROM isn’t that stable right now, but the few bugs it’s got are easily to live with — nothing that will make you call SOS on official 4.4 firmware. Especially when in return you’re getting Android 5.1 and its cool new anims, apart from all other goodies, and even more so when the OnePlus One team is yet to come up even with the 5.0 update — no matter how much we like the team, we had to say that.

So, yeah, 5.1 is good to get, but it’s still worth listing out the bugs, right? So, here they are, as of March 25, 2015.

  • When open “Select and order tiles” Settings FC. Temp fix – use custom theme
  • When installing apk with file manager, Package installer crashes, but App will be installed. No problems with market / Titanium Backup
  • When recieve SMS, SMS app FC. Temp fix – use another message app (Google Chat, Hangouts)
  • Alarm FC

Remember that this is unofficial port of CM12.1, and while the official build should arrive in near future, don’t expect this ROM to become bug-free on its own — it’s up to CM team.


Eager souls who can happily traverse through the process of installing a TWRP recovery for installing this custom ROM, or have already done so (that’s most of you, right!), can grab the download link from the source development page here, maintained by ROM’s developer CraZY_BoY^.

Installation is easy, assuming you already got the TWRP recovery, which is a must for this. Download and transfer the ROM (and Gapps) to your OnePlus One, then reboot into TWRP recovery and do wipe away data, cache, system and also dalvik cache. Next, install the ROM and let it boot, and settle for 5 mins. Reboot to recovery again and flash Gapps. Reboot, enjoy!

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