Android 4.0 ICS Theme for Samsung Galaxy Note

Those of you who own a Galaxy Note or S2, would be eagerly waiting for Samsung to release the official Android 4.0 or ICS ROM for your devices. The more enterprising ones, would probably be visiting XDA each day to check for custom ROMS or leaks.

If you do not want to wait till a full fledged ICS ROM is made available, yet want to get a flavour of ICS goodness, you can install this awesome looking ICS theme on your Galaxy Note. Thanks to @antoniomistretta from & XDA member mowmo.


  • Android notification icons style ICS 4
  • The icons 3G, WiFi and network are colored in blue when the device is connected
  • Battery indicator with percentage
  • Drop down menu ‘style ICS
  • Quick links-style ICS
  • Menu ‘style settings ICS
  • More ….

The theme is still in beta, updates will follow.

How to Install:

  1. Download the file zip file from here and copy it into your phone’s internal SD Card
  2. Reboot into recovery and flash the zip

If you like it, please shout out in comments below.

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