‘And when the seasons change’ TikTok: What is it, original song, popular videos, and more

And when the seasons change TikTok

TikTok is being — unnecessarily? — segregated into two genres for the most part, the Elite TikTok and Straight TikTok. Elite TikTok is mainly a subgenre of Alt TikTok, and you can find if you are on this side of TikTok by taking an Alt TikTok Quiz.

But that doesn’t mean the ever-popular lip-syncing videos and all are done. TikTok is all about keeping up with the latest trends. Some trends are quick to leave, while some stay for years! In this article, we will cover the ‘And when the seasons change’ trend that has been around since 2019! Here is all you need to know about it.

What is ‘And when the seasons change’ song

The content of the videos created in this trend does not seem to have a fixed structure. The entire video is based on the lyrics of the song that goes along with it. However, some aspects do tend to recur with these videos.

For example, most of the videos are shot in slow motion (probably to keep time with the lyrics).

Another recurring aspect is the scenery. A large number of these videos are shot outdoors to depict the ‘seasons’ mentioned in the song. The videos are romantic in nature and targeted at asking out a person the creator likes. They could also point at a close friend (“would you stand by me”).

‘When the seasons change’ original song

The audio snippet used in the trending videos comes from the famous song ‘Mind Over Matter‘ by the band Young the Giant (YTG). The band shot to fame in 2010 and was even featured in Rolling Stone! The song was especially important to the band, who had fallen out of rhythm for a few years; Mind Over Matter was their come-back in 2014.

The song speaks about persevering and seeing things through, instead of giving up at the first hurdle. This is probably why people on TikTok took to it so passionately.

The lines used in the TikTok videos come from the end of the chorus, and read ‘And when the seasons change, will you stand by me?’

You can listen to the original YTG song ‘Mind Over Matteron Spotify and YouTube

Here are some popular versions of ‘When the seasons change’

The trend has been picked up by quite a few TikTok celebrities. Here are some of the more famous ones below.

This gorgeous sunset by @suzie.linn is the perfect way to encapsulate the lyrics playing.

Here we have @theocarow lying down in the middle of a street in the pouring rain, symbolizing the ‘seasons’ mentioned in the song.

Another glorious sunset on the sea by @thickbread. The waves are so calming in this TikTok, you could just keep watching it!

And finally this cute one of @maddog11749 being followed into his pool by a big fluffy retriever. #wedontdeservedogs

How do you make a ‘When the seasons change’ video

If you want to make your own ‘When the seasons change’ video, all you need in the sound clip. You can get the song from the original sound page of ‘When the seasons change’. If you’re making a video immediately, simply tap the ‘Use this sound’ button at the bottom of the screen to be taken to your camera.

To save the sound for later use, tap ‘Add to Favorites’. The sound will now be added to your Favorites. You can access the sound by going to Favorites > Sounds, on your profile page.

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Well, we hope this article helped. Have you already made your ‘When the seasons change’ video on TikTok yet?