Acer gears up to challenge HTC and Samsung, announces smartphones and wearable for the MWC

So, the MWC is almost here and what with all the anticipation that’s been building up, time just can’t pass any quicker to suit us. With HTC’s One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6, the event is bound to see some of the latest and the smartest in mobile technology hitting the carpet but, lets not forget the others.

Acer’s Malaysian branch recently made an eye catching announcement through its Facebook page. It turns out that the Taiwanese company will definitely not be skipping the event and whats more, it will not be a passive spectator either, the Acer booth this year will be the launch pad for smartphones as well as a wearable gear. The caption on the photograph reads “Out with the old, in with the new. Get ready to meet our new smartphones and wearable @ Mobile World Congress 2015” which combined with the fact that almost nothing was known about this until the Acer’s Facebook post leads us to speculate whether Acer might just have some new tech up its sleeve.

Well, the picture while certainly very stylish wasn’t very informative where specs are concerned. But with the MWC right around the corner, we will know all there is to know one way or the other, very soon.

Source: Acer