How to Find Niche Mixes in Spotify on PC or Phone

What to know

  • Spotify’s Niche Mixes is a set of personalized music recommendations based on your favorite songs, artists, genres, and individual tastes.
  • Niche Mixes are housed under the “Made for you” card in ‘Search’.
  • You can also look up Niche Mixes by searching for a mood, vibe, or aesthetic and adding the word ‘Mix’ at the end of it.

Spotify is a music streamer’s dream platform. Every few months, folks at Spotify develop new and creative ways for users to immerse themselves in good music. The latest is ‘Niche Mixes’, which appears more than your run-of-the-mill personalized playlist recommendations. Here’s everything you need to know about it, how to find it on Spotify, and how to make the most of it.  

What are Niches Mixes in Spotify

As the name suggests, Niche Mixes is a feature that curates playlists based on the music that you love and sneak in a bunch that you might take a liking to. 

If you’ve been using Spotify for a good amount of time, then Spotify already knows your taste in music, the niche (and weird) areas that you sometimes gravitate to, and artists that are up your alley but are yet to discover. 

Niche Mixes aren’t just available as ready-made playlists. Spotify recommends searching for an “activity, vibe or aesthetic” – basically, whatever mood you want your songs to have – and adding the word “mix” at the end of it to get more such ‘Niche mixes’ playlists. 

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Find the step-by-step guides below to find and access your personalized Niche Mixes on Spotify. 

1. Find Niche Mixes on the Spotify app on iPhone or Android

Open the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android. Next, tap Search at the bottom.

Tap the Made For You card.

Scroll down until you find Your Niche Mixes.

Swipe to check out the ten niche mixes that Spotify has recommended for you.

Some of these will have exactly the kind of music you’re into. Curiously enough, you will also find a few titles that have nothing to do with the kind of music you like, but the songs within them will still be familiar. 

If you don’t find anything worth diving into, go back and search for a mood and add the word “mix” at the end of it. You can get as creative as you want here. 

You may not always be lucky though. For instance, when we searched for “Death metal cuddy mix”, we only got a “Metal mix”.

But there are also a few Spotify-curated Niche Mixes with bewildering titles, to say the least. Case in point: Egg Punk Mix! Whatever in the world happens, Egg Punk Mix is not made for me. 

Did Spotify create a new genre? Hardly. 

2. Find Niche Mixes on the Spotify desktop app

You won’t see the ‘Your Niche Mixes’ row in the Spotify desktop app. Not yet, at least. But if you play one of these mixes on the mobile app, you will find them in your recently played list on the Home page of Spotify’s desktop app. 

You can also search for specified niche mixes in search on the desktop app as on the mobile app. 

The ‘Made for You’ card already houses a bunch of mixes like Decade Mixes, Mood Mixes, Daily Mixes, Artist Mixes, etc. The latest ‘Niche Mixes’ seem to be adding a new flavor to the… uh, mix. The idea is to bring creativity and play to the same old playlists that we tend to listen to on repeat.  


Let’s take a look at a few commonly asked queries about Spotify’s Niche Mixes.

Is ‘Niche Mixes’ available for free Spotify users?

Yes, Spotify is available for both free and premium users.

Can Spotify make Niche Mixes for non-English languages?

Unfortunately no. Spotify can only curate Niche Mixes for users who search Spotify in English.

How is ‘Niche Mixes’ different from Spotify’s ‘Daily Mix’ feature?

Unlike various other mixes on Spotify that are ‘Made for You’, Niche Mixes can be put together based on mood, vibe, aesthetic, activity, etc. Many of the songs will be ones you’re familiar with, along with various artists that are similar to what you’re used to.

Our taste in music is highly individualized. And that is exactly what Spotify is continually looking to celebrate and expand. ‘Niche Mixes’ on Spotify provides yet another way to combine the music you can’t get enough of, blending your favorite artists and genres with your chosen aesthetic and mood to discover the right music to immerse yourself in. We hope this guide helped you get closer to the music you love. Happy listening!