Access More Features From Your Android Navigation Bar Using Xtended NavBar Xposed Module

The On-screen navigation bar controls debuted in the Honeycomb version of  the Android, and are intended to provided more feasible solution to the hardware button durability issues. The Android Navigation bar has not been through any major changes since then, except for the few design changes to suit the modern design norms. However if you’re rooted, you can add much more functionality to your navigation bar using Xtended NavBar Xposed module.

The Xtended NavBar app is a Xposed framework module that works only if the Xposed installer is already installed on your device. This module extends the functionality of the navigation bar by adding support to swipe gestures that help you select more options in the navigation bar. Currently the module offer support to add the music player controls and quick settings controls to the navigation bar for free.

However apps can also be selected as the shortcuts for the navigation bar, but this feature is locked for pro version and can be unlocked by donating some amount to the developer which is available as the in-app purchase right from the app itself. The app functionality is simple and by default you’ll have the original navigation controls at the bottom, but by swiping to the right or left on the navigation bar, you can access other controls that can be configured in the app.

The Xtended NavBar module is designed for AOSP builds but might work on non AOSP Roms too. This app provides great feasibility to access various controls at your finger tips and reduce stress on your fingers and it comes handy if you’re using a larger devices such as phablets.

See the app in action


Download the Xtended NavBar Xposed module from the download link provided below and follow the instructions to install the Xposed module.


Xposed Installer download link.

Xtended NavBar Xposed Module download link.

   Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure you have proper Root Permissions on your device, as Xposed Installer prompts for Superuser permissions.
  2. Install Xposed Installer on your device and Reboot your device.
  3. Install the Xtended NavBar module on your device and activate it in the Xposed Installer.
  4. Reboot your device once again and you can access various controls on your navigation bar.