5 Million Nexus 7 will be shipped by the year end

And we would have expected nothing lesser from one of the most  impressive devices from Google. CFO David Chang had stated a few weeks ago that Asus was clocking close to a million Nexus 7 units sold each month. In fact, their shipments for Q3 had jumped by almost 200 percent over the previous quarter. And the Nexus 7 32GB as well as the 3G enabled versions were not even out at the time.

With the release of the Nexus 7 32GB and Nexus 7 3G last week, Google Play started seeing the devices quickly getting sold out. Well, considering the kind of performance you’re getting at that sweet pricing, it wasn’t too surprising that high consumer interest continues for the Nexus 7. Standalone retailers are also offering discounted pricing on all variants of the Asus made 7-incher, and given the holidays shopping bug, consumers seem to be only too happy to lap it up.

Reports from Digitimes claim supply chain sources believe that Nexus 7 sales, all storage size variants included, could easily the magic 5 million mark before 2012 is up. Going by the initial assessment, Asus should have already shipped close to 3 million units since the Nexus 7 was released back in July. And with the current holiday situation and price drops by retailers, selling another 2 million units by the year end certainly seems possible.

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