ZTE Z986DL and Z986U shows up on Bluetooth SIG

ZTE looks to be launching two new smartphones in the coming few months. As we just found reference to two new ZTE sets with model numbers Z986DL and Z986U at Bluetooth certification agency, better known as BluetoothSIG.

Details on the device specifications are not available at the moment, so we’ll need to wait more till we can tell you more about the smartphones in questions. These smartphones could release with Android 7.0 Nougat on board as we’ve now moved into 2017, but that too remains unconfirmed.

If you own a ZTE device and would like to know if you’ll receive the update to Nougat then head over to ZTE Nougat update page.

Recently ZTE announced that its Axon 7 Nougat update is set for release in next few months, and would also pack in support for Google Daydream VR, which not many Android devices currently are compatible with. Axon 7’s Quad HD display is helpful in that, sure.

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