ZTE Grand X Pro picture leaks

Looks like the Nubia is not the only high-end device ZTE has lined up for its 2013 portfolio. A leaked render of a hitherto unheard of device from ZTE, monikered the ZTE Grand X Pro has surfaced, thanks to our omnipresent @evleaks (I am amazed at how this dude gets hold of all these renders, and more importantly, the fact that they are all spot on with the actual device eventually).

Not much else is known about this new smartphone as far as all the under-the-hood stuff goes, but it seems that it will sport a thin bezel and an appealing design, as you can see from the shot above. The Pro in the device name certainly seems to suggest an enhanced version of the original ZTE Grand X, or the more recently announced Intel-powered Grand X IN. The screen size does look like it’s at least 4.5″, but it could be more.

While its too close for comfort, we speculate, for ZTE to launch this device in time for the holidays, it is a more likely possibility that the ZTE Grand X Pro might be a 2013 release candidate, possibly even showing us its face at CES and/or MWC in early 2013. We’re going to keep this fella on our radar, and will keep you updated as an when we pick up more info.