ZTE BA603 shows up on Tenaa

ZTE’s latest handset, dubbed the  ZTE BA603, was intercepted at TENAA, the Chinese telecommunication certifying agency. While exact details for the device are an unknown factor at this point, the image confirms it to at least have dual-sim capabilities. It’s a start, no matter how small.

With ZTE having released a number of devices like the Blade V8, Blade V8 Pro, Blade V8 Mini and Blade V8 Lite , the prospect of having another device post MWC is exciting nonetheless. While there is no set date about the release of the aforesaid model, leaks and tips are sure to follow in the coming days.

ZTE prefers keeping their lips shut regarding the news of their latest devices which makes it all the more difficult to know more about the devices. Another device, dubbed the ZTE BA602 was leaked in January via TENAA and Bluetooth SIG. Whether these devices are connected or not remains a mystery. It also might be possible that there is a whole new series under wraps but anything said until we receive further details is mere speculation at this point.

via: TENAA

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