You can now Pre-Register for Apps and Games on the Play Store

Although apps, games and pretty much everything that’s served digitally never requires you to pre-book, or get in line to purchase/download stuff, however, surprisingly, it seems Google is rolling out a something like that to the Play Store, and it’s live already.

The upcoming TERMINATOR GENISYS: REVOLUTION Game from Glu has just been listed on the Play Store with a pre-register link. There’s no release date and price details shared about the game yet though, but the listing is up with description of the game.

Pre-registering doesn’t mean you’re committing to purchase the game or anything such, for now, it just means that you’ll be notified to buy/install the game as and when it’s available. It may not sound like a really useful thing, but it’s fun. It lets you know when the App/Game you’re so deliberately waiting for releases, plus also serves as a good data to developers to study user’s interest for the app/game they are developing. Right now, Play Store doesn’t show the number of users who have pre-registered for a listing publicly, but it’ll be another interesting thing to see in the future.


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