Xperia XZ Premium pre-orders begin in Germany via O2 and 1&1

Xperia XZ Premium will soon be up for grabs in Germany as the premium phone has gone up for pre-order in the country. Two carriers have put up the Xperia XZ Premium for pre-order namely O2 and 1&1.

O2 has announced that it will sell the Sony phone for EUR 745. Alternatively, customers can opt for monthly payments which amount to EUR 1 upfront and EUR 31 per month for a 2-year period. While those who opt for an O2 Free M, L or XL plan will get the benefit of extra monthly data.

On the other hand, 1&1 has put up the Xperia XZ Premium for pre-order pared with its different plans. If you go for the 1&1 All-Net-Flat Pro plan, you need to pay zero down payment and EUR 44.99 per month for 24 months period to purchase the Sony phone while the monthly payment decreases to EUR 34.99 per month with an upfront payment of EUR 129.99 in 1&1 All-Net-Flat Plus Plan. There are two other plans viz 1&1 All-Net-Flat Basic and 1&1 All-Net-Flat Special in which the up front payment amounts to EUR 299.99 and EUR 399.99 respectively with EUR 24.99 and EUR 19.99 monthly payment on the two plans.

In addition, as a leverage both O2 and 1&1 are offering Sony’s noise-cancelling head phones worth EUR 299.99 absolutely free to customers who pre-order. However, O2 has added the condition here that the free gift will be shipped only to customers who place the pre-order before the end of this month.

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  1. premium at everything, first smartphone to be announced with SD835, hope it reaches India as well!!

    1. any idea when is it coming to india #vishal ?

      1. No idea bro, but in 2015 xperia Z5 premium was launched nearly a month after the Z5, may be we can see XZ premium soon, since XZs is launched last month in India, but stock will be less due to 4K display on it!!

        1. A 4K display °_° as good as that sounds a little overkill don’t you think ?and BTW it’ll come pretty soon dw 😉 it’s already listed in the indian Sony website 😀

        2. thanks mate (y)

    2. First? The S8,Mi6,OP5,LG V30 and the others ?

      1. Ya bro, it was the first one to be announced with SD835 officialy at the launch of XZs even before S8 launched, but not launched first, all the others u mentioned r launched after S8!!

        1. Ah right XD my bad I came to know about it only after the s8 launched.

  2. Really good phone at a really great price especially with those offers and 0 down payment 🙂 I heard that it comes with a 4K display and I have a feeling that its overkill and might drain battery pretty fast,maybe(most likely) they do the same as Samsung .The camera obviously being Sony’s is really good too 🙂

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